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About OSSAM  Gallery

Founded in July 2015 in commemoration of the monumental iron sculptor, Osamu  Shimoda

(1924 - 2000). We continue a mission to give young talented artists an opportunity to show their works to the public, as well as introducing Japanese traditional arts to the neighboring community people. OSSAM Gallery is located at   300-302   

7th Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Born in Manchuria, Osamu Shimoda studied art in Japan and left for Hawaii in 1960 on an assignment to paint a mural of the Chamber of Commerce. In 1980, he relocated his working studio to Brooklyn where he started his Iron sculptures. His most pivotal sculpture stands 37 feet tall at the Kings Borough Community College in Sheep Head Bay, Brooklyn.

In July 2015, The OSSAM Gallery held its premier exhibition proudly hosting Japanese artists Miori Inada and Megumi Iwata's The ISE Shinto Shrine as well as photography of TATARA, the traditional Japanese art of working with iron, with a focus on its methods and technique.